If you’re a friend of mine, or even a vague and distant acquaintance, you know that I write. What you might not know is this: I’ll be publishing my book via Amazon Kindle at the end of April!

QUEEN OF HUNGER, Tales of the Assembled: Book 1 is a professionally edited, two-years in the writing, one-year in the fixing, full-length novel.

Two intersecting plots tell the story of a woman finding justice as she finds a balance between herself, her past, and her religion. It is squarely in the cyberpunk genre — involving a slightly dystopian near-future and plenty of bad corporate citizens — but I’ll leave that evaluation up to my readers. The only “genre” I’m concerned about is the one where you buy it, read it, and like it.

The details:

How can I get it? Kindle e-book. With other options for buying/downloading perhaps to come. Amazon’s system is easy and has the widest reach, so I’m starting, but not necessarily ending, there.

How much? I have a suggested price, but Amazon sets the final one. Believe me, I’ll let you know the price when I do.

When? My current aim is to have the book available for purchase the last week of April or the first week of May. What better day than May Day to start something like this?

No physical book? No. Print is dead. I’m an editor and even I know that! Seriously, I’m pretty confident that the audience for quick, easy speculative fiction has moved, and is moving, into digital. Getting books printed takes overhead, even with today’s print-on-demand systems. That’s an investment I may make as the project grows, but not at the outset.

What’s the blog for? This will be my central information repository for all things having to do with the book and series. I’ll make announcements here, have links to where you can buy it, and keep you up to date on events where you can see me. I’ll also post occasionally about my writing process and progress, for my fellow writers, and include some other unpublished content, for those who want to try it before they buy it.

So it is a series? This is the first of a planned three-book series, currently called Tales of the Assembled, thus the blog name. All are set in the same world/era, but with minimally overlapping characters. I don’t go in much for series as a reader myself, but there’s a whole story here and I want to tell it. I’ve started working on the second book and would love to have it out within 18 months of the first one.

Why self-publishing? Why not? I write and wait to hear the echo of my voice when it hits you, the reader; I’m in it for the echo. I looked at the current publishing system and realized I could spend time grinding through short story editors until I got noticed, or I could cold-submit to publishers and manage rejection letters, or I could burn myself out networking with agents and eventually perhaps get a book produced. OR I could spend all that time writing and produce, with the help of some very talented friends, the best book I could myself. Then post that written work for anyone to read for a fair price. Then wait for the echo.

Does your mother know? No. I’ll tell her once I make some money.

Speaking of money, do you have any goals for making some? I have a number in my head, yes. It is modest. I’d give it away, but baby needs a new pair of shoes, you know?

So that’s that. I’ve now posted my intention to publish to the internet universe, making it incredibly embarrassing should I fail to do so. The book is written and the plan is made, nothing now but to enjoy the echo. Lastly, I’d like to thank some folks:

  1. My Monday Night Family: your patience, brainstorming ability, and willingness to read it one more time are what made this possible.
  2. My Husband: for all the nights you baby-wrangled so I could finish one more chapter and all the times you corrected that fight scene. You’re the best silent partner I could have asked for.
  3. The Maroviches. Michelle and Matt: Thank you both for daring me to be as good as I think I am, as good as you both act like I am.
  4. My Great God: As overdone as this is, you gave me words and taught me their power. You make it so I live in a Technicolor world while others are living in black and white. This book, and all others, I write with you sitting on my shoulder. Thank you.

About L.E.H. Light

Published writer, editor, critic, mother, and pound cake enthusiast. A life-long Black speculative fiction fan and shameless watcher Star Trek. Just discovered indie comic books and is hooked. Loves history and storytelling. Hates the predictable canon, be it in books, comics, or people

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  1. I wish you all the luck in the world with this! I’ve done it myself a couple of times, and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience. Good on you!

  2. Thanks for your support Elliott! This is going to be an adventure, for sure.

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