What? A whole room full of People of Color at a Sci Fi Convention? This must be the FUTURE!

I’m just settling in after a long weekend at my local Science Fiction/Fantasy fan-run convention, BayCon. It was a great chance for me to read from QUEEN OF HUNGER to a packed room and to get together with other fans and talk about our interests. Best of all for me, I met several other authors who I’m alternately inspired and impressed by. I wanted to give a review of the event but in the interest of short attention spans (and those of us who do our blog reading on our phones on our lunch hours) I’ll cut it into two posts. First – the Fans of Color Panel.

I was on a panel about for and about Fans of Color in Science Fiction/Fantasy with two great authors, both of whom are currently focusing on writing for young adults.

Leslie Ann Moore is the author of a very well received trilogy called GRIFFIN’S DAUGHTER – about an “inter-racial” girl (half elven, half human) who is trying to find her way in a world that is hostile to both sides of her self. Leslie Ann’s comments on the panel were insightful and her energy infectious. My biggest take away from her: write. Write what you know, what you feel, what you want to say. Just write. Plus always wear a fabulous hat.

Karen Sandler is a prolific author, particularly of the TANKBORN trilogy about genetically-engineered slaves in a strict caste system. She was able to talk about the process of writing about different races and cultures and to address some of the steps a conscientious writer should take to get it right. She also was awesome enough to be the only White person on the panel – which I’m sure took a lot of guts.

On the panel we discussed everything from cover art to cultural appropriation to the Bechdel Test as it applies to the most recent Star Trek movie. A big part of the experience for me really was just meeting other people of color who attended the convention and getting to spend time dispelling the myth that we were each “the only one”. Thanks to the BayCon Programming Staff for arranging the panel. I’d gladly do it again next year.


About L.E.H. Light

Published writer, editor, critic, mother, and pound cake enthusiast. A life-long Black speculative fiction fan and shameless watcher Star Trek. Just discovered indie comic books and is hooked. Loves history and storytelling. Hates the predictable canon, be it in books, comics, or people

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