Leslie has been a writer and fan since her grade school librarian handed her The Dark is Rising back in the early 1980s. After enough writer’s groups and general grousing, she finally focused and started submitting her short stories to anthologies — leading to her first publication in Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds. Professionally, Leslie is a fiction and non-fiction editor who helps other authors find their voice and polish their work across a variety of genres. She’s just published her first book — a Cyberpunk revenge story of a woman and her Gods called The Queen of Hunger  available for Kindle through the Amazon website — and is hard at work on the second in the series. She does all this editing, writing, and random acts of fandom in the small free time she has when she’s not chasing her toddler and husband around the Bay Area.

  1. Hi Leslie, I have been asked to do a reading at a friends wedding and I believe you may be the author. I really want to verify the source and get the authors blessing , my hope is you are the author and can help me out. Please ping me an email if you have time. I will be reading Friday the 5th September (this week) early morning GMT. cheers Jamie

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