On Writing

The Paris Review interview with Ray Bradbury: One of the proto-typical greats of the genre discussing the how and the why of writing science fiction. Great stuff.

Hunter S. Thompson Quote: While I was in the writer’s doldrums the other day, a friend posted this to me. I’m not sure how authentic the quote is, but I’m not sure HST would care. I mean, if we can’t make this s**t up, why do we call ourselves writers?

In the Book

“Rosie” The work song from Chapter 5: In case you want to hear the work song that Henry sings in Chapter 5, as I hear it in my head. Gruff and haunting and raw.

Rising Tides Competition: Where my original world wide water obsession started. While I write fiction, and thus make things up, I also find it important to ground my work in facts and sometimes the imaginations of others.

Self Publishing

Hugh Howey: Self-publishing is the future: I found this piece inspirational from start to finish. The point isn’t some great, imaginary writer’s life. The point is doing my craft in a way that others can enjoy it. I keep this here to remind myself of that.

Simply Interesting

Singing the Lesbian Blues: I’m endlessly interested, perhaps obsessed, with places where women active break the narrative of normalcy to invent themselves through their own art. This is one such case. An article about black women who presented “queer” personas in the Age of Jazz.

The Dreamstress: I’m terribly inspired by seamstresses and historical costuming. I particularly like this page because she, the author, does combine a fanaticism in her art along with whimsy and inspiration. There’s a story in every dress.


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